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print media

Printed publications and booklets. Includes links to view full projects.

social media

Links to the two organizations I currently oversee on social media.


A variety of works including posters, logos, and full campaigns.


A selection of short promotions videos used across social media.

print media

Print publication is an important piece in many markets. Below are a few examples of physical media design with links to view the published piece as distributed.


Cooking School program

Created for the fall 2023 Artcraft Cooking School this 24 page booklet contains recipes from the evening as well as chef bios and sponsor advertising.

100th Anniversary gala program

Published for distribution at the evening's gala event. Including history, program lineup, and sponsor advertising.

2021 annual report

Highlight a year at Franklin Heritage, Inc., this annual report separates out the three branches within the singular brand.

Social media

I currently manage two social media pages using Instagram and Facebook with more than 50,000 followers combined.
Transitioning from photos, to graphics, to video, to reels. Each posting requires its own approach.
Click the icons below to view the pages.

The Historic Artcraft Theatre

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

Madison Street Salvage

  • Instagram
  • Facebook

design: posters

Large format, single or multi event designs are one of my favorite design tasks.

design: Logos and branding

Showing full, singular, and grey scaled presentations for updated and fresh baked daily logos.


design: Full campaigns

I can make a design fit multiple formats for multiple reasons. Below are print and digital placement examples for a monster movie series including overall event images as well as individual showtimes.



Need a short video? I can handle that for you. It's new to my wheelhouse but something I really enjoy.

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